Fishing with Dave

I am David L Denton. This blog is where my personal data projects live.

Currently, I am employed as a BI engineer in Portland, ME. My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree with a major/minor in Religion/Philosophy from Dartmouth College, a G.J. degree (Graduate Jeweler) from the Gemological Institute of America, and an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Maine.

My transition to a career in data began while working towards my MBA. Harvesting the bid and ask prices for hundreds of securities from the web lead me quickly to VBA, and then thankfully, to R. My career goals and the professional choices I have made since then have all been underpinned by my desire to use R as much as possible. I’ve dabbled with Python and Julia, but R makes me feel at home. I hope that the small contributions of this blog to the R community might help others in the same way that many in the community have helped me.

Special thanks to Yihui Xie for his work on the blogdown package that makes this site possible.

Other places to find me: